What Happened to the Tip Jar?

The Tip Jar was discontinued after the last minute of the last day of August. It enjoyed such a tremendous response from Homestuck fans that it outgrew the team's capacity to manage. At around the same time, the nature of the team and how contributions are handled began to change, and Andrew suggested the Tip Jar be retired in favor of more official methods of compensation. Many ideas have been discussed, and one of them has already been put into action!

The What Pumpkin Shop offers a variety of art prints, almost entirely stocked with work by Art Team contributors! Prints bought there directly benefit the artists who made them (as opposed to the Tip Jar, which was divided equally among the team). Many of the contributors also offer prints and commissions of their own, so if you'd like to support a specific artist, visit their link on the right side of this page to see what they have to offer!

The tip jar e-mail and twitter accounts have been inactive as long as the jar itself has been shut down, but we'll be doing our best to keep an eye on them for any further correspondence.

Thanks again for the incredible support you've shown this year!

-The MSPA Art Team